Hello! I'm Melissa Washin

The founder and product designer behind Gravity Design Co.

I started Gravity Design Co. as a way to help empower small businesses through branding and website design.

My ten years of design experience come from designing websites and apps for larger companies like Etsy, Modcloth, and Rent the Runway. After years of designing, learning, and launching, I realized I feel most fulfilled using my expertise to partner with small business owners who are passionate about growing their business. Whether you're looking to invest in your company by elevating your brand design, website, or both, I'll share your enthusiasm along the way.

Gravity has evolved from freelancing while traveling the world to a studio with a home base in upstate New York. Spending time away from the computer—climbing mountains or weaving wall hangings—keeps me fully charged and ready to dive into your project.

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Core Values


Take the guess work out of working with a designer. I provide packages, up-front pricing, and a detailed description of the process so you know what to expect at each stage.

Partners, Not Clients

I care as much about your brand as you do. You're an expert in your field, and I'm an expert in mine. Together we'll collaborate to create the best solution for your customers.

Be a Sponge

One of the best parts about being a designer is learning about different industries. Seeking out challenges and interesting problems to solve is what really makes me tick.

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