Making Time for Recovery

I’ve started incorporating meditation into my daily routine lately. My goal is to become more level and less reactive to the things life throws my way. Meditating has already shown its benefits in how I’m able to approach my personal life and even dealing with clients. Taking a moment to pause and observe a situation objectively is a skill I’m practicing more and more.

Today’s meditation was part of the “7 days of Calm” intro to the Calm app and focused on the importance of doing nothing. The session guide spoke about how our lives are filled with distractions and how we need to make specific time to recharge and reflect otherwise we’ll get burned out. As a Type A creative and business owner, I’m constantly feeling the need to be productive and efficient. This meditation session was exactly what I needed to hear.

It reminded me of Tim Ferriss recently answering a question on his podcast (big Tim Ferriss fan here!) about how to not take on too much as a driven, Type A personality and how he approaches relaxing without feeling like he’s wasting time.

He suggested that the word “relax” sounds almost lazy, and that he prefers the term “recovery” which, with its sports and medical associations, sounds necessary and important rather than an indulgence. I took a moment to let that sink in.

In addition to “relaxing”, some might call this “self-care”, which is a hard term for me to embrace because it sounds so fluffy. Recovery sounds purposeful!

I generally find these words feel most meaningful to me: recharge, reflect, recovery. One of my goals this year is to focus on using my time more effectively and one of the first places I’m starting is recognizing the difference between productive recovery and shallow, mindless distractions for my brain like watching Netflix for 4 hours at night.

Here are some quick ideas I jotted down to help myself recharge, reflect, or recover.

Anything that makes me slow down, look around, or focus inward is a win in my book.

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